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We Provide 24-hour Crime Scene Cleanup & Forensic Cleanup in Indiana 

When an Indiana Police Department completes its investigation at a crime scene we are called in to clean and decontaminate the home where the crime was committed.   By being an authority in Forensic scene cleaning we are usually called in by families who have a need for crime scene cleanup in Indiana.  Our efforts are centered around removing any biohazardous materials found at a scene of a crime as well as forensic evidence collection methods such as fingerprint dust that will often be used in crime scene investigations.  We make every effort to provide our crime scene cleanup services to every community in Indiana.  By having extensive regional offices in cities throughout Indiana we make it easy for you to choose your location to access our closest office to your home.  Our teams are always trained to know how to clean crime scenes as well as how to safely decontaminate them.  This means any bloodstains, fingerprint dust, tear gas or human debris will be cleaned.  The cleaning may include sterilizing and deodorizing the crime scene. 

Why Don't the Police Do The Crime Scene Cleanup 

The Police Departments are in charge of the crime scene investigation but they are not trained to deal with biohazards.  When blood and human material are left at a crime scene that material is considered a biohazard.  To deal with this you need a biohazard cleanup company like ours.  It's important to understand that although the Police Detectives may recommend our crime scene cleanup company in Indiana they are not the people who actually clean the crime scenes.

Unattended Death Cleanup & Undiscovered Deaths in Indiana 

Decomposing dead body tissue happens within a day of a person's death.  If the temperature of the room is warm the undiscovered dead body can decompose within a couple of hours.  In Indiana, an unattended death is not a crime scene but our training allows us to provide the most effective methods for cleaning a room after the corpse is removed.  When we are called in to assist a family or property owner with any unattended death clean up we typically are cleaning up the blood and decomposed human material as well as remove any odors that are permeating.  If you have discovered an unattended death at a relative's property in Indiana it is important to first contact the local Coroner's Office or Medical Examiner's Office.  Once they have removed the dead body and there is no evidence of foul play involved or need for a crime scene investigation they will recommend you have a biohazard cleanup company like ours come in and remediate or clean the home of any hazardous items left behind such as bloodstains and decomposed human tissue. 

Blood & Biohazard Cleanup When Results Matter Most

The aftermath of a death can leave behind a lot of blood and other human debris that can pose health risks to anyone they come in contact with.  Due to the serious nature of bloodborne illness and disease, it is important to ensure proper decontamination and sanitizing is done to any surfaces where a person has had a major medical incident or death in which blood is left behind at the scene.  By being one of Indiana's most prominent biohazard cleaning companies we have the talent and skills as well as equipment that can provide the best results.  We also provide blood cleanup services to and bloodstain removal services to over 100 communities in Indiana.  Call us now and find out how we can help assist you with your biohazard cleaning. 


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